Persuasive Essay Final Draft

First Draft- Not Just For Football

Most students think that the first draft of an essay is unnecessary and do not take the assignment requirements seriously.  Please think of the first draft as a dress rehearsal for a play.  If you were an actor, you would show up with the lines memorized and in costume.  The same mentality should be used for first drafts.  Make sure that your first draft meets the minimum requirements mandated in the syllabus:

  • Should be a 5 paragraph essay
  • Minimum of 750 words
  • Written in complete sentences and in paragraph form (each paragraph is minimum of 4-6 sentences)
  • Has an introductory paragraph that ends with a thesis statement
  • Scholarly evidence presented in each supporting paragraph and has corresponding citation/reference
  • Does not use 1st or 2nd person pronouns: you, I, we, me, us, our, mine, your, and so on
  • Last paragraph does not start with “finally,” “in summary,” “in conclusion,” “lastly,” or other such phrases and words
  • Conclusion with thesis statement restated in a different form



You have no idea how bad pledging has gotten with these girls. Tomorrow were going to have to eat a full onion while answering questions about the sisters and facts about the

sorority in general. They’re probably going to yell at me until I cry. I’m legit shaking I don’t want to go back, but I know I have to”. I

received this text message on March 17, 2013, at 1:47 am; it was from my best friend from back home, Marissa


. Marissa has always been known as a strong and

independent girl that didn’t take mistreatment from anyone, and she was

now petrified for her life. Marissa was pledging for a sorority that she really was hoping to get into; her older sister had once been in the same chapter. She had to sleep on a basement floor, skip classes to do chores in the house, listen to sisters harass her, and drink nauseating concoctions. On April 7


 I logged into

my Facebook and checked Marissa’s page. The hazing was now over, and she

was tagged with all her

sorority “sisters”

 in pictures. Enormous smiles and hugs were plastered on these photographs. The older girls made comments on the

photos “So glad you are finally a sister! We love you!”

 I was in complete awe and in shock. The same girls that hazed my defenseless friend were now her best friends and confidants. It seemed outrageous to me that to acquire power and privilege in a group you have to go through meaningless abuse. The only thing

that ran through my mind looking at the photos and wall posts was “Is it really

worth it?

Hazing has been around since 387 B.C.E, when Greek philosopher Plato observed young boys committing hazing-like behaviors (Nuwer xxv). Since then,


 Name was changed to protect confidentiality of individual.

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