Essay Scholarships For High School Juniors 2012

Junior year of high school is filled with football games, choir concerts, club meetings, and junior prom. For many juniors it is also a year full of college visits and planning. The focus is often on choosing a college and scholarship shopping is left for senior year.

Many students don’t realize that it is never too early to start looking for scholarships to help out with the cost of college. College Raptor has assembled a list of some great scholarships for high school juniors.


1. Doodle 4 Google: $30,000 Scholarship

The Doodle 4 Google contest has been taking place each year since 2008. Students K-12 are invited to create a Google doodle that will be featured on the Google web page for a day. Winners are also granted a $30,000 college scholarship and some pretty fabulous prizes, including a computer and a trip to Google to meet the doodlers. The winners’ current school is also given a $50,000 education grant.

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2. Prudential Spirit of Community Award: $1,000 and $5,000 Scholarships

Two winners are selected from each state and the District of Columbia for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award, a $1,000 scholarship awarded yearly to students with exemplary community service records. Of the 102 state winners, 10 national winners are chosen for an additional $5,000 scholarship. Winners also participate in national recognition events in Washington DC and receive an engraved silver medal.

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3. I Am…Scholarship Slam: $1,000 Scholarship

As long as you are under 25 years old, attending or have attended high school, and enjoy poetry you are the perfect candidate for this scholarship. Entrants simply register with and submit an original poem describing who they are and how they got there for the chance to win a $1,000 non-renewable college scholarship.

Learn more about the I Am…Poetry Slam

4. Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award: $1,000 and $5,000 Scholarships

Iowa high school juniors are invited to propose a project that they would like to complete in the upcoming year. Test scores, grades, essays and financial need are not taken into consideration so students are evaluated purely on their project proposals. 15 finalists are chosen and of those 15, three are chosen for a $5,000 scholarship. Each finalist is given a $1,000 check for completing his or her project.

Learn more about the Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award

5. National  Merit Scholarship Program: Various Awards Available

Students who take the PSAT or NMSQT in their junior year of high school are eligible to participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program. The 50,000 top scoring students are recognized as National Merit Scholars with the top 34,000 students being commended, the top 16,000 students being semifinalists, and the top 15,000 students recognized as finalists. Winners are selected based on academics, recommendations, and essays. Students who are recognized but are not finalists are regularly awarded other scholarships based on their National Merit Scholarship Program participation.

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6. #FortOnFleek Scholarship: $1,000 Scholarship

As a kid, building forts was one of the best possible rainy day activities. They encompassed everything from the simple, single blanket and a couple of chairs, to the elaborate, take-up-the-entire-living-room variety. Juniors looking to put those skills to good use are invited to enter the #FortOnFleek Scholarship contest put on by Entrants simply need to build a fort out of sheets, blankets, and other bedding items, post a photo of their fort on instagram with the hashtag #FortOnFleek, and tag @dormbedding. The winner receives a $1,000 scholarship.

Learn more about the #FortOnFleek Scholarship

7. Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship: $1,000 Scholarship

High school students are invited to submit an essay of 250 words or less to be eligible for this $1,000 scholarship. Essays answer one of two questions posed on the application, or can be on any topic that the applicant chooses. Applicants are even allowed to reuse an essay that they have previously written for a class, college application, or scholarship competition.

Learn more about the Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship

With a new semester upon us and our bank accounts drained from holiday shopping and much-needed nights out, scholarships of any amounts can certainly come in handy.

Here are the 10 best sites for searching for scholarship cash — along with one scholarship from each to get you started!


Zinch is a college students one-stop-shop for scholarships that are creative, easy and fun to apply for and win. To apply for scholarships via Zinch, you’ll have to create a username and profile that will help the site find scholarships that are specifically relevant to you! One of Zinch’s most popular awards is the Weekly Three Sentence Essay Scholarship, where applicants must generate a 280-character essay (that’s only two tweets!) while vying for $1,000 of cold, hard cash.

Visit for more scholarships.


Fastweb is another terrific, free resource where you’ll find thousands of scholarships at your fingertips. Not only does Fastweb offer a massive database of monetary awards, but it also features helpful career planning services and learning tools for its registered users! One of Fastweb’s most recently featured scholarships is the “Natural Disaster” PSA Video Contest, a $3,000 scholarship offered to creative undergrads with an eye for cinematography and knowledge of the consequences of natural disasters.

Visit for more scholarships.


You know how you always seem to receive a new, complimentary gift after so many purchases at that favorite beauty counter of yours? ScholarshipPoints works the same way! Well, kind of. The site’s users rack up points through a rewards system, making them eligible for different scholarships according to how many points they have earned. Members can earn points through fun, day-to-day activities like reading blogs, taking quizzes and playing online games. ScholarshipPoints offers a rolling, monthly $1,000 for its members and a quarterly $10,000 scholarship . Join today and start earning your points!

Visit for more scholarships.


You may remember being advised by your high school guidance counselor to make a Cappex account to help narrow down your college search, but don’t delete that online profile just yet! The site is still helpful during our undergrad years, offering ample scholarship opportunities and financial advice. Once we’re undergrads, Cappex graciously bumps us up to “College Pro” status, where we’ll be eligible to apply for a $2,500 College Pro exclusive scholarship! Don’t wait, and check out all of the fine print of the Cappex College Pro scholarship today.

Visit Cappex for more scholarships.


A no-brainer of a URL, are we right? is a wonderful resource for college students who aspire to kill two birds with one stone—the site finds both scholarships and colleges that are perfect for you! If you’re looking to transfer to a school that is dying to recruit you and offer you scholarships, this is the site to visit. The site allows you to pinpoint specific scholarships by your major, year in school and location, increasing your chances for receiving awards and saving you tons of time. For meticulous proofreaders and aspiring editors, you may want to check out the Scholarship Program featured on! Although an essay is required, the $1,500 you could earn is definitely worth the time spent behind the keyboard.

Visit for more scholarships.

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