Oakdale Administrator Case Study Critique

Wiggins 2 The Oakdale Administrator Case focused on four different topics but two main ones. The two main topics were on decision making and financial management. The other two topics that are discussed are political context and ethics. As I was reading this case, it seemed like a usual case of politics. Where the incumbent, Mayor Bean, states what he has done while has been in office and what he has fixed. The outsider who is trying to gain office, Mr. Hoffnagel, who says that he is going to fix this and that and solve everything. Now, in a big city, that usually doesn’t work due to his lack of knowledge of the city and lack of not knowing people. For a small town where people are ready for a change and they hear good things, people can vote the other way and it can change things. As I kept reading the case, the old administration got the axe and the new mayor hired is own team. Then, his friendship got the best of him. What I mean by that, is he hired one of his friends, Angela Donny, in knowing that she has had problems in the past. If he, Mayor Hoffnagel, had professionalism he wouldn’t have hired her. The facts in this case are pretty much out in the open and they are the same as the topics about this case. There are several facts throughout this whole case where decision making and financial management comes into play and then, there are ethical violations and then the political context that is always there during

Case Study Critique of “Oakdale Administrator Case”
Courtney Lyles
PADM 501 / Dr. Corrine Bates
Liberty University
September 13, 2015

The “Oakdale Administrator Case” examines the topics of decision making, ethics, and financial management in a political context. In this response to the case study, I will identify the important facts of the “Oakdale Administrator Case,” including background information, main characters, and the problem presented in the case study. Next, I will discuss decisions that were made in the case study, and I will state my opinion on whether I believed those decisions were appropriate or inappropriate. Later, I will examine alternative solutions to the problem based on decisions made in similar cases. Finally, in a section called “Conclusion,” I will discuss the role of ethics in decision making.
Oakdale is a state-chartered municipality with a population of 5,000 citizens, most of whom are considered lower middle class. The surrounding municipalities consider Oakdale to be an “eyesore,” because of the city’s “worn-out central business district and drab-looking neighborhoods” (Cropf & Giancola & Lewis, 2012, p. 80). Because of this, citizens elected Ernie Hoffnagel mayor of Oakdale in April 2003 because he focused his campaign on “revitalizing the city by attracting new businesses and residents” (Cropf et al., 2012, p. 81). Upon assuming office, Mayor Hoffnagel terminated the previous administration’s staff and brought in his own people, one of the more important appointments was Angela Donny, who was appointed City Administrator. Donny was not welcomed because of her past record, which involved her working in eight municipalities over the course of twelve years, and her actions were investigated several times by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), from whom she received two public censures.
However, Mayor Hoffnagel reassured the citizens of Oakdale that he trusted Donny to...

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