Gas Gangrene Real Case Study

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  • [abstract] CASE STUDY: GAS GANGRENE.

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    Title: [abstract] CASE STUDY: GAS GANGRENE.
    Author:Fontana, J
    Abstract:63 year old white male admitted to area hospital in Louisiana on 12/9/88 with complaint of nausea and vomiting along with right hip pain after eating several pieces of pizza. Past medical history indicated a total hip replacement 3 years earlier. Impression: acute trochanteric bursitis vs. loosening of prosthesis. 12/10/88 progress notes indicate improvement with conservative therapy. However, on 12/11/88, progress notes indicate severe left hip pain and induration in the area of an 1M injection. By noon a blister had formed in this area and by 5:00 p.m. the blister was 8 cm with crepitance in left calf. Xray revealed large amount of gas in left lower extremity, left lower abdominal wall of pelvis. Patient was debrided in OR and transferred to Jo Ellen Smith Medical Center Hyperbaric Department on 12/12/88 for treatment of gas gangrene. A monochamber dive of 22 psi for 90 minutes was performed. From HBO patient was taken to OR for debridement, but patient began vomiting black coffee grounds emesis. Patient was taken straight to lCU for stabilization with blood transfusion. On 12/13/88 patient made a multilock 66/120 dive' which he tolerated well. He was then debrided in OR and again transfused in leU along with hemodialysis. Patient sustained a cardiopulmonary arrest and did not survive the resuscitation. On autopsy, the "wet reading" was found to have an abscess from perforation or inflammation cecum. Impression: clostridial perfringens septicemia with possible seeding of intramuscular injection by hematomas on left buttocks with clostridium perfringens and subsequent myonecrosis in surrounding tissues.
    Description:Abstract of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc. Annual Scientific Meeting held 6-11 June 1989. Hawaiian Regent Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA (

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