Job Design And Analysis Process Essay

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It represents the Strategic human resource management (SHRM) core function like “work analysis, Job design and job analysis” defines its importance in strategies implementation in any organization. This assignment will also discuss the aspect of Human Resource department that why they are giving more edge to other functions like Recruitment and selection, Performance appraisal and Occupational health and safety. This report will also presents the today’s critical business challenges and the with coming new responsibilities for HR and why they have started to give more weightage to Job analysis and design in order to get the better output and efficiency of the organization. Moreover, Human capital is a vital factor for any…show more content…

Idea behind performing workplace design and analysis is to check effectiveness of employees and how they are operating in their prescribed job. Do they familiar with the job or should we redesign their job?

The introduction of strategic HRM has advanced our understanding of the relationships among strategy, human capital and human resource management (HRM) and firm performance by shifting the focus from traditional HRM in several ways. First, the level of analysis has shifted from a macro focus on examining individual HRM functions (i.e. Recruitment and selection, Training and development, Performance appraisal etc.) to a micro level like Job design and job analysis by adopting a system approach to HRM practices. It involves the entire system of HRM practices as a whole rather than examining core practices like performance management, recruitment etc.
Furthermore, Youndt, Snell, Dean and Lepak(1996) examined the relationship between manufacturing strategy, Human resource management practices and operational performance(employee productivity, efficiency) and found a moderating effect of manufacturing strategy on the relationship between the use of Human capital enhancing HR system and operational performance. There are certain Human resource approaches towards job analysis and job designing in which they need to give careful attention. Now days, employee’s

Job Analysis and Job Design

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What Is Job Analysis?

Introduction In human resources, job analysis plays an important role of it. It provides information regarding positions in the organisation. It is an important topic as well as a vital employment tool which can assist with HR activities and potential and current employees, ‘Job analysis is the systematic study of positions to identify their observable duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a particular task or group of tasks’ ( Kovac,2006, p.1).

Methods of conducting job analysis
There are many different methods/ways to conduct a job analysis. It is…show more content…

The main aim of Job analysis is to supply HR with the relevant job information that is needed for the increase in performance for the organization. (Ghorpade, 1988, p.4). Overall job analysis contributes to the value of the organizations human resource management by providing them with the data needed to improve the effectiveness, ‘ job analysis contributes something of value to the human resource management...the job variables uncovered through job analysis can be used by HR in forecasting needs, and formulating action plans’ ( Ghorpade,1988,p 5).

What Is Job Design?

Job design is broadly defined as level and breadth of job content, over-time variability in task assignment, specific mix of assigned tasks, use of teams, and the level of autonomy granted to individual workers or teams (Baron and David, 2000: p 334).

Reasons for job design
In today’s business environment, proper job design can help a company to become more successful and competitive in the market. “The theory of job design, as we know it today, rests largely on the premise that effective performance and genuine satisfaction in work follow mainly from the intrinsic content of the job” (Cooper, 1974, p.12) team approach has the ability to fulfil these criteria. “Teamwork is described as a co-operative process that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results” (Scarnati, 2001, p.5). “By sharing a common goal or

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