Baile De Formatura Essay

Black tie at the school prom?
Times, Sunday Times(2014)

Happily this year 's Proms are championing him.
Times, Sunday Times(2013)

Is this year 's Proms programme a winner?
Times, Sunday Times(2010)

My son joined the organising committee of his school prom in a bid to loosen the dress code.
Times, Sunday Times(2014)

Their two forthcoming Proms prove the point.
Times, Sunday Times(2014)

This was the first Proms performance of the complete music.
Times, Sunday Times(2007)

He once said that he had loved her'with my whole heart' since his high school senior prom.
Times, Sunday Times(2010)

His absence from the year 's Proms was as inexplicable as it was spiteful.
Times, Sunday Times(2006)

She spent her final few weeks studying and sitting her GCSEs and choosing a dress for the school prom.
The Sun(2013)

The Proms include two contrasting examples.
Times, Sunday Times(2006)

Your high school prom was not necessarily that pleasant.
Times, Sunday Times(2011)

British English: prom NOUN

A prom is a formal dance at a school or college which is usually held at the end of the academic year.

I didn't want to go to the prom with him.

  • American English: prom
  • Brazilian Portuguese: baile de formatura
  • Chinese: 舞会
  • European Spanish: baile de graduación
  • French: bal de fin d'année
  • German: Ball
  • Italian: ballo di fine anno della scuola
  • Japanese: ダンスパーティ
  • Korean: 무도회
  • European Portuguese: baile de formatura
  • Spanish: fiesta de graduación

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Used Occasionally. prom is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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