Chinese Boy Runs Away From Homework Help

This is a true story about a boy who ran away to escape the stress of too much homework.

Boy From Homework

Pre-Reading Questions

What would you do if homework became too difficult for you to handle?

Have you ever considered running away from home?

Where did the boy live?

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This is a true story about a boy who ran away to escape the stress of too much homework.

A 10-year-old boy on a train and ran away from home in China - because he had too much homework.

Xu Zhiqiang, 10, from Cili town, Hunan , thousands of miles away from home, reports Information Times.

He said he could not the amount of homework he was expected to complete during the one month winter holiday.

Xu said: "Each of us has to finish two thick books of homework. Take the homework as an example, it has 100 pages with all kinds of questions."

Xu's mom found a mistake on one question and him by getting him to correct the mistake and copy the right answer 100 times.



A Chinese boy who ran away from home was found six days later living in an IKEA store.

Peng Yijian, who is just 12 years old, went on the run in Shanghai Nov. 3 after getting into trouble with his mom for not doing his math homework. He spent a week traipsing the streets and living off free food samples handed out by the city's supermarkets, reports Shanghai Daily.

It's unclear exactly where he slept at night, but some reports have speculated he slept on one of the Swedish furniture retailer's show beds.

The Longyuan Middle School student was finally caught Sunday afternoon. Police spotted him on surveillance camera at Shanghai South Railway Station the previous day.

Cops asked his mom where else he liked to visit.

"She gave us eight or nine names, including Caoxi Park, Nanfang Shopping Mall, In Center and IKEA," police officer Sun Miao told Shanghai Daily.

Police searched all the spots and eventually found the youngster near a ground floor escalator at the Xuhui District IKEA outlet.

Described as being "very weak with hunger," he was rushed to a nearby hospital and placed on an intravenous drip.

Yijian's mom said it wasn't the first time her son had run away. But it was the longest time that he has gone missing.

She told police, meanwhile, that she and her husband would try to communicate better with him in the future.

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