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Picking up the muddied shoe, now protected in an evidence bag, I entered the Hall, hope springing from my well of despair. I’d walked my wife’s jogging route a dozen times before without even a hint of a clue. Finding this shoe at least gave a starting point.

“What’s this?” Missing Persons Captain Wellsby asked, inspecting the shoe through the bag.

“My wife’s. Last night’s storm must have uncovered it. You can open a case now, right?” I knew the rules regarding missing persons, but this was my wife and she wouldn’t have gone off without telling anyone – especially while jogging.

Leaning back in his chair, Wellsby looked from the shoe on his desk to my hope filled face. “How long’s she been gone?”

“Twenty-six hours now.” I left off the thirteen minutes.

Wellsby nodded and began typing into his computer. “We usually wait until forty-eight hours, but this,” he nodded toward the shoe, “makes for a curious case.” He typed for a while, the click-clack filling his office. “I know you Homicide guys always see the worst case scenarios, but here we find that most missing people want to be missing and got that way on their own.”

“Not my wife.”

Nodding, Wellsby handed me the printed form. “Fill in any and all details from when you saw her last. You know, anything that could help find her.”

Sitting on the edge of Wellsby’s visitor chair, I scrawled the last moments I had with my wife two days ago. My chest ached as reliving those moments stirred more intimate details: her smell, the softness of her skin, her laugh – none of which belonged on the report, but kept close to my heart.

I slid the completed report across the desk. Wellsby picked it up and read it thoroughly. “I’ll put Cryzinski and Spellman on this.”

“I appreciate this, Captain.” I stood and shook Wellsby’s hand. I knew Crazy Cryzinski wouldn’t let go of the case until he found all the answers. He was the best Missing Persons had and along with Spellman the Bloodhound, it wouldn’t be long before I had my wife back.

I took my wife’s shoe off Wellsby’s desk. “I’ll give this to Cryzinski on my way out.”

I stopped a few steps from Cryzinski’s desk. The M.E. was there with an evidence box resting on the desk. In his hand was a bagged match to the shoe I held. In the box I could see more bagged evidence – a pink material that resembled the jogging suite my wife wore that fateful morning.

“Hey,” Johnson, the M.E., said, “where’d you get that shoe?”

“Where did that come from?” I asked instead of answering, my voice barely audible.

Johnson tossed the shoe back in the evidence box. “Jane Doe down in drawer twelve that came in early this morning. Just came up to see if there were any Missings that may fit.” He nodded toward the shoe I clung to. “What about that one?”

“My wife.”

A shoe is a type of footwear. It is an item of clothing. Shoes come in pairs, with one shoe for each foot.

There are many different types of shoes. Athletic shoes, for example, are to make running, walking or jogging easier by making the weight of the shoe lighter and the sole of the shoe softer. Leather shoes are formal shoes. They are worn for business and ceremonial functions. They are also worn for fashion. Slippers are a kind of indoor shoe. They are often worn when it is cold. Rubber boots are used on rainy days. The shoes with a high heel which women wear are called high heels.

People usually wear shoes in public. They are worn for hygiene, style, and comfort.

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