Nationalism Vs Sectionalism Essays

Nationalism and Sectionalism

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1. The three components of the American System were establishing a new protective tariff, starting a new transportation system and restoring the national bank. Henry Clay thought that each of these components would strengthen and unify the nation because he thought the American system would unite the nation’s economic resources because the south would grow food and raise animals that the north would eat and in return the south would by the manufactured goods the north made. A new transportation system would allow trade between the north and the south. Now America could finally become independent economically. And the tariff would help because during the War of 1812 British merchants brought a great deal of products to the United States and sold them at much lower prices than American made goods, so the tariff would raise the prices of the British goods so the American merchants could sell their products at a lower price.

     2. Female workers in Lowell, MA can be compared to slaves in the south in many ways but they are also very different. The conditions that the women in Lowell and slaves had to live in were very unsanitary and unbearable. The woman even felt like slaves. They were constantly watched as were slaves and they were also forced to go to church. Unlike slaves they were paid, even though they were paid very little because they could do the work of a man but get paid less, they still got paid. They had choices of what jobs to do where slaves were assigned to certain jobs. The women got some free time and even a 30 minute lunch break while slaves had very little or no brakes at all.

     3. While John Marshall was chief justice the Supreme Court promoted the idea of nationalism. In the Supreme Court case Gibbons vs. Ogden help make certain that the federal government had power on pretty much everything crossing any state lines. Another case also supported the national government over the state government, it was McCulloch vs. Maryland.

     4. America’s foreign policy followed and promoted the idea of nationalism between 1825 and 1825 by making a treaty with Great Britain to trim down the number of military fleets at the Great Lakes. Also the Rush-Bagot Treaty made America and Canada remove all their troops from their shared border. John Adams also held the convention of 1818, which made a compromise with Britain to share the Oregon territory.

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     5. The crisis that led to the Missouri Compromise was when people started to move west, the settlers of Missouri want to join the Union. This was a big problem because of the big dilemma with slavery. Before this there were 10 Free states and 10 slave states. And with Missouri joining the north after Illinois, it would be totally unbalanced. The south became very upset so they started to say that the north wanted to totally abolish slavery. So congress made the Missouri Compromise which made Maine a Free State and Missouri a slave state so everything would be balanced and everyone would get along.

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Nicole Vindollo
Mrs. Segal
US History I/Pd. 9
23 March 2015 The Era of Good Feeling: The Effects and Consequences of Nationalism and Sectionalism
In 1815, shortly before the start of James Monroe’s presidency and after the War of 1812, a historical period known as the “Era of Good Feeling” commenced in America. However, though the name of this age alone insinuated a time of unity and prosperity within the nation, sectionalism became an unequivocal dilemma that seeped through the government’s attempts in promoting nationalism, and ultimately divided the country.
The Era of Good Feeling was a time where only one political party reigned, sense of unity prevailed, and…show more content…

This introduced market economy to the population and transitioned
America to manufacturing processes that brought economic benefits to the north. Market economy not only changed the way people worked, but also the way they lived, as it divided labor, based work in factories, and opened new markets like the American Fur Company. Due to the prior Embargo Act, merchants also invested in national local manufacturing, and thus allowed for the rapid development of urban districts and increase in population. It brought wealth to the North’s market­based economy but contradicted with the South’s focus on an agricultural economy that depended on slaves.
One of the most significant developments within the country was introduced shortly after the War of 1812, by politician Henry Clay, as the American System. The plan promoted a system in which the South was seen to be the producer of raw goods, North for the manufacturing, while the West as the breadbasket of the country. It consisted of three parts: the development of canals, road systems and railroads, creation of a protective tariff, and the reinstating of the Bank of U.S.. The North prospered from the creation of the tariff as it helped develop the manufacturing economy. The West, on the other hand, benefitted from the creation of road and canal system, a plan supported by

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