Body Planes Directions And Cavities Assignment Sheet Answers

STUDY GUIDE - Anatomy Quiz – Body Orientation Know the body planes/sections and directions. (Look on your homework sheet) What is the correct anatomical position? (Same sheet as above.) Body Sections • Sagittal: divides the body into right and left portions • Transverse: divides the body into superior and inferior portions (also called “cross section”) • Coronal Section: divides the body into anterior and posterior sections Anatomical Position: standing erect, faced forward, arms at sides, palms forward Know: Superior/Inferior, Anterior/Posterior, Ventral/Dorsal, Medial/Lateral, Distal/Proximal, Right/Left, Deep/Superficial, Caudal/Cephalic What are the body cavities and what organs are found in each. 1. Dorsal – cranial and spinal or vertebral cavity. a. Includes oral cavity, nasal cavity, orbital cavities, and middle ear cavities 2. Ventral – thoracic and abdominopelvic a. The thoracic and abdominopelvic is separated by the diaphragm. b.

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