Bsl Level 2 Homework Dvd Movies

British Sign Language (BSL) courses and practice places/resources

If you would like to learn British Sign Language, you can go to BSL Level 1-6 courses in local schools, colleges and centres - have a look on Signature website click here for local courses by entering your postcode. Including other type of courses involving with communicating with D/deaf and deafblind people.

Or have a look in the free local education papers like CityLife for Newcastle residents or online for 'BSL course in (your area)'.

More information about BSL and resources for each level can be found on here.

Places and resources to practice BSL

Recently I came across a brilliant American Sign Language (ASL) resource by Glenda Hampton Anderson, as a result I searched for a similar resource related to British Sign Language (BSL) and did not find anything as comprehensive.

I’ve been a BSL learner for last 2 years and I’m in the process of completing a Level 2 BSL certificate at hfals. During this time I have gathered a comprehensive list of BSL resources that I will now share with new, current or future BSL learners, which I hope you will find useful.

This resource will cover BSL websites related to: information, news, mobile apps, TV, events, dictionaries, books and Twitter.

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Mobile and Apps






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