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Quality Improvement in Nursing Essay

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Quality Improvement Project

Answering the call light (also called call bell a handheld like that is attached to the patient room wall, above the headboard of the bed) in a timely manner by the nursing staff in hospital setting is necessary to prevent falls that can harm, prolonged stays, and unnecessarily increase the cost of healthcare. However, researches concerning call light uses as it relates to patient safety, patient-care management and patient satisfaction are limited (Meade et al. 2006). Patients and their families emphasize that nurses should monitor patients constantly and provide assistance and answer a call light in a timely manner (Yoder, 2011). Note that the falls may be caused by several factors such as…show more content…

If there is a fall with injury, the manager has the ability to go back and check how long the call light was on prior to a fall. However, this information is not used to prevent and emphasize the relationship between the length of time a call light is on and the rate of fall. Most nurses and patient care technicians are not aware that the manager can back-track the call light and find out this information. To measure the rate of falls to the length of time a call light is answered, the nurse working on the project choose the histogram. This illustrates the length of time in the Y axis and the rate of falls in the X axis during the period of study (time frame). The histogram itself will include a control group, average answers, and delay answers to call light. This example was imported and modified from a previous study done comparing the numbers of call lights and nursing rounds by (Meade et al. 2006). A realistic goal of this study is to reduce the fall related to a delay in answering the call light to less than the standard national data base that can be found in National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI). The nurse will be able to compare the data obtained on the unit to similar hospital units by referencing (benchmarking) to the national data from NDNQI. There will be a follow up study and gradual modification of the plan in order to achieve the outcome. The team has to set

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Essay about Managing Quality Improvement in Healthcare

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Managing Quality Improvement in Healthcare Healthcare providers strive to improve service quality by implementing various quality management programs. Customers tend to seek for higher quality of care when choosing treatments, providers, and health plans. For healthcare organizations that desire to provide high quality care and compete in the global market, choosing a quality management program to implement is critical for performance and efficiency. Many studies have been conducted to analyze the effectiveness of such programs. Lean, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management (TQM) are three programs that will reviewed by three different case studies in efforts to understand them and to compare and contrast their capabilities.
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The Delphi panel stressed the importance of regular performance measuring to ensure improvements are sustained. When staff understood the reasons behind the changes and how they improved the productivity and quality of care for patients, they were more likely to sustain the implementations. Developing a culture with the appropriate elements to support continuous improvement was seen as vital to see success with the lean methodologies.
Six Sigma A quantitative study conducted by Lifvergren, Gremyr, Hellstrom, Chakhunashvili, and Bergman (2010) analyzed the experiences and from a hospital group during a three-year period after the introduction of Six Sigma. It reports on 22 large Six Sigma improvement projects, their results and influence on other improvement activities. The study shows that 75% of the completed projects reached their goals within 18 months. The average net cost savings per completed project/year was $55,300. Overall, the results showed that Six Sigma is a useful concept when trying to improve healthcare processes. They recommend that Six Sigma should be an addition to the improvement practices used in healthcare development initiatives. It was also observed that the Six Sigma program can create much organizational pull regarding quality management and improvement efforts if teamwork is applied.
Yasin and Alavi (1999) conducted a quantitative study to determine if Total Quality Management (TQM) can produce quality improvement

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